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Response to "Aloni Revealed"

Concert of the Music of Aminadav Aloni

The Jewish Music Commission of Los Angeles and the Aminadav Aloni Music Foundation presented ALONI REVEALED, "a concert of Surprises and Standards from the Legacy of Aminadav Aloni" on June 5, 2005.

Here's the response of one audience member:

Today I attended a truly wonderful, uplifting event at VBS. The VBS choir and many wonderful vocal soloists and instrumentalists, led by Dr. Noreen Green, performed some of the arrangements and compositions of Aminadav Aloni (of blessed memory). I cannot imagine a more fitting and exquisite debut for the Creative Arts Program of the Rabbi Schulweis Institute. I was not fortunate enough to have been a part of VBS when Mr. Aloni served as choir director, but there is no doubt that he must have been a very very special musician and person. Not only was the music beautiful, but the love of the musicians and our community for "Ami" was pretty overwhelming. To Dr. Green and all the musicians, thank you and bravo!

- Christine Cohn