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Music for Isaiah's Consolations

Music for Isaiah's Consolations

Congregation Emanu-El in San Francisco was holding a Cantorial Concert in honor of the 10th anniversary of their Cantor, Roslyn Barak. As part of the concert, Cantor Barak and the Emanu-El choir performed Ami's recently completed "Isaiah's Consolations." Ami sat rapt, in the audience, deeply involved with each sound.

At the end of the pieces, and after tremendous applause, Cantor Barak spoke to the audience about Ami and this music, and looked out to the audience to find him. Ami, not looking for praise or attention, shrank back in his seat while Cantor Barak looked around for him. I happily pointed him out, and Cantor Barak asked him to stand for the audience to see him. He humbly rose from his seat, waved to the audience, threw a kiss to Cantor Barak, and shyly sat back down in his seat.

Once again, his music had brought great joy to many, and he had been satisfied to simply be part of the audience. How proud I was to be sitting next to this great artist and friend, a man who was always more interested in the music than in celebrity.

Louise Unell-Gleicher