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Review of Spring Concert May 2, 1987

Featuring the combined choirs of Valley Beth Shalom, Claremont McKenna, Harvey Mudd, Pitzer and Scripps Colleges, and the Chamber Orchestra of Claremont College, offering major works of Charles Feldman and Aminadav Aloni.

"It was the final composition that brought the audience to a fever-pitch. Aminadav Aloni's Koheleth (Ecclesiastes) received its premiere at Valley Beth Shalom over 10 years ago. Since then it has been heard in various concerts. This reviewer has never heard it in as dramatic a performance. Soloists Jane O'Donnell sang her solos adequately in a light mezzo-soprano. Lyric tenor James Schmitt provided a pleasant voice. However, the real drama emanated from the chorus and orchestra, with the composer at the piano. The combined choirs ... provided the intensity, lyricism and flow contained in this compelling work. The rather large audience responded enthusiastically."

Cantor Samuel Fordis