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Aleinu Leshabeyach - A Jazz Service

Aleinu Leshabeyach (a Jazz Friday night service) Cantor Steven Levin, Beth Israel Singers, Adult & Youth Choirs and Jazz Ensemble (14 songs) for Cantor, adult and children's choirs and small jazz combo (keyboard, bass, vibes/percussion). This work includes essentially the entire Friday evening service, from candle lighting to a rousing finale, with acouple of bonus movements. Great jazz with great liturgical concordance!



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1. Candle Blessing
2. Kiddush
3. L'cha Dodi
4. Barchu
5. Sh'ma
6. You Shall Love
7. Hashkiveinu
8. Mi Chamocha
9. V'shamru
10. HaMa'Ariv Aravim
11. Yismchu
12. May the Words
13. S'u Sh'arim
14. Baruch Shenatan
15. Al Shloshah D'varim
16. Hodo Al Erets
17. Ets Chayim
18. Let Us Adore- V'ne'emar
19. Shalom Rav
20. Ein Keloheinu


Hallel(Psalms of Praise) 1990 Valley Beth Shalom Choir & Orchestra, Jewish Music Commission Production Conductor: Aminadav Aloni for the Festivals (Sukkot, Pesach and Shavuot), Rosh Chodesh (first day of the Hebrew month), Chanukah, and Israel Independence Day, and complete Torah Service. For Cantor and Choir (much in unison, some SATB), can be sung a cappella, or with keyboard accompaniment. This entire suite is great for congregational singing and for kids!
*note: see catalogue arrangement with instrumental accompaniment is available.


Also available on Synagogue Choral Music CD


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1. Baruch Atah    
2. Hallel
3. M'kimi
4. B'tseit Yisrael    
5. Lo Lanu    
6. Adonai Z'charanu Y'varech    
7. Shuvi Nafshi
8. Ma Ashiv La'adonai
9. Hal'lu Et Adonai
10. Hodu    
11. Pitchu Li
12. Odcha Ki Anitani    
13. Ana Adonai    
14. Baruch Habav    
15. Ki L'cha Tov
Available on CD (See Holidays, Festivals and Israel Independence) Available on CD (See Holidays, Festivals and Israel Independence)

Cantor's Assembly 2001

Music of Aminadav Aloni conducted and arranged by Tova Marcos live concert recording #33CD from Dove Productions Avail. from Dove Productions: 1-800-233-3683, www.dovetapes.com

Ani L'Dodi

The Complete Jewish Wedding Ceremony

Produced by AAMF (with Dennis Flannigan and Franz Pusch)

Ami's romantic setting for a wedding is interpreted by some of Los Angeles' finest vocalists. The entire progression of the tradiional ceremony is told in song. Processional, HInach Yafah Rayati, Mi Adir, Set Me As a Seal, V'erastich Li, Sheva Brachot and Recessional plus Don't Ask Me To Leave You (Ruth)
Complete service recorded as instrumental only and as vocals with accompaniment.

CD with Sheet Music$30.00
CD without Sheet Music


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Prelude Processional
Set Me as a Seal
Sheva B rachot

S'Fatai Tiftach

Open Thou My Lips Conducted by Aminadav Aloni 13 A capella pieces for 3 & 4 part chorus, mixed voices & soli CD & sheet music available from Transcontinental Music

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1. Adonai S'fatai Tiftach
2. V'shamru
3. Havu Ladonai
4. N'shamah T'horah
5. Ahavat Olam    
6. Rabbi Shim'on
7. Magen Avot
8. Kol Yisrael
9. Mah Adam    
10. Shiviti
11. Kaddish (Yatom)    
12. Hatov    
13. V'ahavta L're-ach

The Synagogue Choral Music of Aminadav Aloni

Valley Beth Shalom Congregational Choir & Orchestra Conducted by Aminadav Aloni
Three complete settings: Hallel (15 songs), Torah Service (10 songs), S'fata Tiftach (13 songs)


Also available at soundswrite.com


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1. Ein Kamocha
2. Av Harachamim
3. Vay'hi Binsoa
4. Ki Mitsiyon
5. Beh Ana Rachets
6. Adonai adonai
7. Va-ani T'filati
8. Sh'ma
9. L'cha Adona
10. Rom'mu
11. Hodo Al Erets
12. Kol Adonai
13.S'u Sh'arim
14. Ets Chayim

Sound Bites

Recordings which include Aloni are available as sheet music. See main catalogue.

The Light Within

The Light Within, cassette Cantor Perryne Anker Arranged & Conducted by Aminadav Aloni Side 1 , Cut #4 Ner Adonai, Side 2, Cut #3 , Listen With Your Heart (a touching ballad for either female or male singer, one of Aloni's "undiscovered songs" and special because he wrote the lyrics, too.


Yamim Noraim

Music for Rosh Hashannah & Yom Kippur

Samuel Adler, conductor

Aloni cuts: Disc 1 , cut 12, Ah Avat Olam
Disc 3, cut 23, Uv'chein Ten Kavod Transcontinental Music Publications,

Libi B'Maarav

Temple Emmanuel, San Francisco Cantor Rosalyn Barak Consolations of Isaiah

(an original commission for Cantor Barak)

Shiru Ladonai Shir Hadash

Washington Hebrew Congregation Cantor Mikhail Manevich

Cut #12 (Modim Anachnu Lach)

The Light of Helfman, 12/99

The Los Angeles Jewish Symphony Conductor Noreen Green

Disk 2, Cuts 2-5 (Pitchu Li, Shalom Rav, V'eirastich Li, Ana Hashem)

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Low Res.
Pithchu Li
Shalom Rav
V'eirastich Li
Ana Hashem