"To ensure that the musical legacy of Aminadav Aloni lives on to bring joy and enrichment to future generations."

      $36 Double Chai
      $100 Contributor
      $250 Sponsor
Gifts at this level are recognized in the program book for annual concerts and receive a CD of music by Aminadav Aloni.
      $500 Donor
The previous benefits, plus two seats at annual concerts.


We invite you to become a Patron of the Aminadav Aloni Music Foundation. Your gift of $1,000 or more will be permanently recognized in Foundation literature. Additionally, Patrons will receive the benefits listed below.

      $1,000 Patron's Circle
For the annual concerts, Patrons at this level will receive prominent recognition in the program book, two reserved seats, an invitation to a private reception for the artists following the concert and a CD of music by Aminadav Aloni.
      $2,500 Patrons Forum
The previous benefits, plus two additional reserved seats to concerts and their choice of CD's.
      $5,000 Angel
The above benefits, plus a framed front page of an original manuscript of a compostion handwritten by Aminadav Aloni accompanied by the entire composition.
      Other $ (enter a number)
      Please consider this an annual gift.
      I would like to volunteer my time for the Foundation.

Professional Memberships

Professional Membership (available to all professional musicians). As a benefit of membership in the Foundation, Professional members are entitled to receive one copy of 20 pieces of music from Aminadav Aloni's catalog of Jewish Music (with the exception of complete services and musicals) including shipping and handling. The member may select the pieces or receive a representative selection compiled by the Foundation. In addition, as a member of the Foundation, you will receive notification of concerts, CD releases, special projects and scholarships.


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